Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies

Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies

Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Portuguese is spoken every day by over 250 million people. 

Study the Portuguese language and be immersed in the culture, history, art and literature, and social and political landscapes of the entire Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) world.

Portuguese is a global language. It is the official language in nine countries and the working language of 12 international organizations. It is also the language used by numerous Lusophone communities in Canada, the US, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, Luxemburg, and territories like Macau and Goa.

Join our innovative program, the only one in the country to offer a course solely dedicated to the culture and literature of the Azores, a region that accounts for 70% of Portuguese immigration to Canada. You’ll also benefit from close proximity to the large Portuguese-speaking community in Toronto, with events, work-study placements and hands-on experience.

The Camões Institute, Portugal’s most acclaimed cultural institution and York’s partner, promotes several student events and opportunities.

Our professors hold professional merit from the Azores government, are well published, and have personal ties to Lusophone countries and their cultures.

What you’ll learn

  • Think analytically, and critique and examine ideas from a philosophical, cultural and literary perspective.
  • Develop fluency in dealing with key issues concerning Portuguese-speaking societies, from the early modern period to postcolonial and contemporary sociopolitical debates.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the Portuguese language and exposure to literary offerings of the Lusophone world’s most prolific writers.
  • Express yourself and your opinions in debate, in presentations as well as in written work.

Hands-on experiences

  • Engage in cultural events to enrich your learning, such as the International Black Film Festival and Toronto Harbourfront International Festival of Authors.
  • The Lusophone Coffee Hour brings guests to York to speak about their projects and research.  
  • Experiential immersion in Portuguese-Speaking communities in the Toronto area and abroad (for instance, producing short stories that a partner institution helps publish and distribute).
  • Students who are fluent in Portuguese gain credit for volunteering in the beginners’ language class.


Contact us at goyork@yorku.ca 

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