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Data Science is a booming field that uses computing and statistical reasoning to generate valuable insights from data. It has emerged as a key competence for any organization, including both businesses and governments. 

As a student in the Data Science program at York University, you will master the statistical methods, computation skills and data analysis techniques that enable data scientists to extract knowledge from data. In your studies, you will become familiar with the nature and needs of analyzing large and complex data through case studies in specific domains such as business, health, and digital media, as well as through a capstone experience that engages students in research with data in an industrial setting.

A unique aspect of our program, compared to other Data Science programs in Ontario, is our streams. You will be required to select a stream or specialization in a domain of application. Along with the required courses in statistics, computing, and mathematics, you will also take courses in your selected stream, which could be any of the fields below.



Take courses from Schulich School of Business in marketing, finance, accounting, and management.


Take courses from the School of Health Policy and Management in health informatics, healthcare quality and decision making.


Take courses from the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design in interactive digital media and video game development.


Take courses on operations research in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics.


Take courses on numerical and computational methods in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics.


Capstone Course:

The capstone experience further differentiates this program from others in Ontario by bringing together students’ statistical, computing, and stream knowledge to work on a real-life problem from industry or the public sector. The full-year capstone course, taken in the fourth year, will provide you with hands-on research experience before graduation. You will meet with professionals from companies and organizations to learn about their problems related to data science and work together on a solution, reporting back to your instructor regularly on your project progress.

This experience will give you valuable, real-world experience – an edge when seeking employment after graduation.



Prospective employers were consulted in this program’s design to ensure career success after graduation. Our Data Science program offers a middle ground between computer science and statistics, to ensure you are well prepared to obtain meaningful employment in data science-related positions in a wide range of industries.

You will take courses in computer programming (Python, R), communications, data visualization, data structures, machine learning, data analytics, ethics, and more. You will learn both the theoretical and applied perspectives of data science technologies and be knowledgeable in your stream subject. The capstone course will provide real-world experience that will open doors to internships and employment opportunities.




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