Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science

Faculty of Science

As 21st century medicine and health care becomes increasingly sophisticated, the demand grows for highly skilled people with a biomedical science background.

Biomedical scientists study biological processes and diseases with the ultimate goal of developing effective treatments and cures. Biomedical research requires careful experimentation by many scientists, including biologists and chemists. Discovery of new medicines and therapies requires careful scientific experimentation, development, and evaluation.

York's Biomedical Science program provides a comprehensive curriculum taught by the leading researchers in the field, including Peter Backx, Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Biology, and Chun Peng, York Research Chair in Women’s Reproductive Health. The Biomedical Science program focuses on emerging areas of biomedicine including physiology, microbiology, immunology, endocrinology, molecular genetics, and development.

This four-year Honours program also allows you the option to do a minor in another related discipline such as Chemistry, Psychology, or Kinesiology & Health Science.

The Biomedical Science stream is designed to help you:

  • understand and explain the basic structures and fundamental processes of life at the molecular, cellular and population levels;
  • effectively apply the scientific method for problem solving and experimental design;
  • collect, organize, analyze, interpret and present quantitative and qualitative data;
  • identify and describe current issues and challenges within the field of biomedical science;
  • demonstrate and apply fundamental biological laboratory techniques and skills; and
  • communicate effectively in written and oral forms.

The program will be particularly valuable if you're planning a career in biomedical research, and will also be a good choice if you're preparing for medical school.

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Faculty of Science

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  • Keele Campus

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BSc, iBSc

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Full-Time, Part-Time

Experiential Education

Co-op or internship

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Yes (first and upper year)

Winter entry

Yes (first and upper year)

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Yes (first and upper year)