Documentation required from Mature Students

A mature student is a person who is 20 years of age or older and who normally hasn’t studied at the postsecondary level.

Documents required:

  1. High-school transcripts if studied within the last five years,
  2. Postsecondary transcripts (if applicable),
  3. Any Faculty- and/or program-specific requirements (if applicable),
  4. Language test results (if required),
  5. A resumé,
  6. A one- or two-page personal letter outlining your:
    • reasons for wanting to pursue university studies;
    • future career goals;
    • skills and activities that have prepared you for success at university including work or volunteer experience, professional development activities, personal study and interests; and
  7. explanations/documentation for any previous poor academic performance.

Upload your documents through MyFile or, if needed, mail them to the Office of Admissions.

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