1. Accept our offer of admission

Accept your offer online through MyFile by the deadline stated in your offer letter.

Offer Conditions

Make sure that you meet the admission conditions (if any) outlined in your offer of admission letter. We reserve the right to withdraw your offer of admission if:

  1. you do not maintain your admission average;
  2. you do not meet the conditions mentioned in your Offer of Admission letter;
  3. you do not confirm your acceptance by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission letter; and
  4. you do not book your enrolment appointment by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission letter.

Alternative Offers

If you've received an alternative offer of admission (e.g. admission to a program to which you did not apply), read our Alternative Offers FAQs for more information.

International student?

Ensure you obtain a Study Permit and/or Temporary Resident Visa before your arrival in Canada. 

Requesting a Deferral

A deferral is a postponement of your admission to York. 

York University recognizes that after being newly admitted some applicants encounter unique personal circumstances that represent legitimate reasons for requesting a deferral of admission to the next academic session. Newly admitted first-year students may request a deferral through our Deferral Form. The University grants deferrals at its discretion, only in highly exceptional cases and on a restricted basis. All conditions must be satisfied before a deferral will be granted.